The Overwhelming World of Curriculum

When we decided to homeschool back in 2017 I was overwhelmed with the world of curriculum and I have a master's degree in it!

There is too much. Being a minimalist that needs a limited number of options or suffer decision fatigue, I knew I needed a different approach.

That is where my husband saved me. His wisdom,

"You buying curriculum is like a carpenter hiring someone to build a fence. You have the tools. You have the education. So build it."

That's when I hit the research. This is what I found: there is only one literacy program that any educational researcher backs up as being the one that can lay claim to "I'm the best!" One. And it's nearly impossible to get your hands on. That's when I realized that just like a classroom, I don't need a curriculum.


Yup, you heard me correctly. Is there value in curriculum? Absolutely, I write it and will continue to write it. But that's not my point. My point is that I was missing the key elements of a successful classroom!

What I needed was a solid pedagogy - a method of teaching certain and specific concepts as a child progressively learns.

  • I need to know foundational skills and how to build upon them.

  • I need to know how to get my hands on good resources.

  • I need to build knowledge with experience and play.