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Tutoring Services

"Giving you the keys to literacy & learning success."

How to get started:

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Set up a FREE consultation.
  • Question and Answer session. 

  • Discuss methodology .

  • Discuss options.

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I will create a personalized plan.
  • I will create an educational plan for you and your student that fits your specific and unique reading and writing needs.

  • Set up a payment plan if needed.

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  • Your student will receive the tools needed to be a successful and more confident reader and writer.

  • One-on-one tutoring that results in strengthening areas of weakness and further developing strengths

For Your Personalized Plan

It takes at least 6-8 weeks of consistent, one-on-one, personalized instruction to begin to see results.  

Don't wait to contact meInvest in your reader's literacy success now!

Personalized learning. 
Instant appointment services.

Client Testimonial

"After our daughter struggled through her kindergarten school year, we realized she needed help specifically with reading. Over the summer, our daughter markedly improved under the tutelage of Mrs. Lowery's patient dedication. Mrs. Lowery is creative at making the learning process entertaining and fun. My daughter sees her tutoring sessions as the highlight of her day. Mrs. Lowery is adept at understanding childhood development and learning. She uses multiple teaching methods specifically catering to our daughter's needs. Thanks to Mrs. Lowery, our daughter loves to read and is excelling at it."

Tabitha Behrend

Are you at a loss with your struggling reader or writer, or your high ability learner?

Let's discuss your specific situation in regards to reading and writing and see how I can help. 

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