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English/Language Arts Tutor

Online, personalized ELA instruction for secondary students (grades 7-12).


I am a certified English/Language Arts teacher for 7th -12th graders. I can teach anything pertaining to:

  • speech

  • theatre

  • literature

  • writing

  • reading 


My brief background: I was in a junior high and high school classroom for five years before becoming a stay-at-home teacher-mom who began tutoring people of all ages! I am confident that I can meet your specific and unique English/Language Arts needs.


You cannot put a price on literacy success!


For personalized instruction, critical reading, specialized writing, or any assistance with your English/Language Arts instruction, contact me!

Rebecca Lowery, M.Ed.

Why contact me?

My curriculum follows a simple, easy to read process that is effective. My emphasis is on giving a student the tools needed to be an independent life-long learner. I do not focus on fancy worksheets, instead, I focus on developing skills by connecting to the learner, teaching them to find the facts for themselves, experiment, analyze, create, and giving them the tools to be successful.

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I do not use one specific program because I offer services for anyone, anywhere. What I do offer is personalized to your specific needs, strengths, weaknesses, interests, hobbies, and learning styles. Simply contact me to set up a FREE consultation to get started.

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