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Reading Tutor

Online, personalized reading instruction for any age, no matter your skillset!

I will:

  • use a variety of assessments (example: Basic Reading Inventory) to determine where the gaps lie (i.e. word identification, phonics, decoding, lack of motivation, fluency, visualization, vocabulary, nonfiction text features, etc. etc.)

  • Based on the results of the assessments, I will create a personalized plan to meet your reader's unique needs.

I want every reader to pick up a book and read it successfully. Give me 20 weeks with your reader and I can give them the tools to become a better reader and writer! If this interests you, contact me to set up a free consultation. If what we talk about fits your specific and unique needs, let's go over your options.

You cannot put a price on literacy success!

"The fact is that every reader struggles! I am not at all worried about the struggle, I am, however, worried about what you do when you struggle. If you have zero tools to help you overcome the struggle, I can give you those tools."

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Teachers Pay Teachers Resources I've used to help struggling readers:

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What are the signs my student needs help?

I’m going to answer this question with more questions, but before I do I want to preface them with this statement: if you answer yes to one or more of these questions please do not spend one moment of your life playing a blame game - to yourself or past teachers. I’ve seen involved parents send their child to every tutor imaginable, spend gobs of money, hire teachers out during the summer, doing everything within their power to help their child, and yet they struggle - but this particular example was with a junior high student diagnosed with dyslexia that ended up getting what she needed and graduating with honors, going on to excel in college. The sooner we catch the struggle the better. With that I want you to know that every single reader struggles (including myself), the difference between a good reader and a struggling reader is one fact: a toolbox full of tools. I can give you or your reader those tools.

  • Is your student past the 1st grade and struggling to identify words easily and quickly? If so, they may need more an intensive reading program tailored to their specific needs.

  • Is your student past the 1st grade and struggles, or refuses, to read out loud? I have more questions for you.

  • Does your student read text out loud well, but struggles to recall what he/she just read? I have more questions for you.

  • If your student is past 1st grade and is struggling to read, don’t wait to ask for help.

  • Does your student use the same strategy to identify a word (i.e. sounding out) and is easily frustrated? They need more tools.

  • Does your student read excruciatingly slow? If so, I have more questions for you.

  • Does your student struggle to answer basic knowledge level questions about the text? If yes, contact me.

  • Is your reader able to connect, visualize, use their background knowledge while he/she reads? If your student does not do this, I can give the tools for comprehension success.

  • Can your reader recognize when they’re struggling and then apply some strategies to overcome that struggle? If not, I have some tools that will help.

  • Does your student struggle spelling even after completing a  phonics curriculum? If so, contact me.

  • Does your student struggle to recall the information or elements of the story after they finish reading? I can help.

  • Does your reader stop reading at the first signs of difficulty? If so, don't make them struggle to the point of frustration that results in a nonreader. 


There is no one reading program for any one struggling reader because each reader is unique, with unique interests, needs, and experiences. Specialized one-on-one plans are effective because the researched strategies are correlated to a student's diagnosis found through multiple assessments. Contact me for more information on how I accomplish this.

It takes at least 6-8 weeks of consistent, one-on-one, personalized instruction to begin to see results.  

Don't wait to contact meInvest in your reader's literacy success now!

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