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I have a Master of Education degree from Doane University in Curriculum and Instruction. Education is my specialty, especially the implementation of researched strategies. Therefore, my products follow a simple, easy to read process that is effective. My emphasis is on giving a student the tools needed to be an independent life-long learner. I do not focus on fancy worksheets, instead, I focus on developing skills by connecting to the learner, teaching them to find the facts for themselves, experiment, analyze, create, and giving them the tools to be successful.

Teachers Pay Teachers
I provide products on Teachers Pay Teachers that are affordable, effective, and follow a simple format.
Skillshare Classes
Visit this page for video classes on specialty reading, writing, and curriculum development.
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There are resources for you specifically!

Personalized Curriculum Design

If you are overwhelmed at the options available to you, not sure which curriculum would best fit your homeschool family's needs. I can help by creating a curriculum personalized to your:

  • Lifestyle

  • Hobbies

  • Interests

  • Learning Styles

If this interests you, contact me to set up a FREE consultation.

How I Write Curriculum
How I Write Curriculum
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