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FREE Elementary Literacy Resource

One of my clients shared Cincinnati Zoo's Home Safari daily Facebook LIVE event with me. My children LOVE it. Due to the fact that I'm already providing reading and writing activities for my little people, my client asked if I'd be willing to share what I do online during this crazy Coronavirus quarantine. THIS is what it means to hire me as your educational consultant! I do my very best to provide opportunities to enrich your educational experience and journey alongside you as we teach our little people the joy of learning. Therefore, I cannot tell you how excited I was to offer these resources for "stuck-at-homeschool" families!

Here is the link to my Facebook page where we read a variety of literature while incorporating comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency lessons that correlate with the animal Cincinnati Zoo features the previous day. So just before learning about a new animal, we dive deeper through literature.

So far we've learned about:

During our time together you will gain FREE access to:

  • Writing Prompts

  • Comprehension Strategies

  • Direct Vocabulary Instruction

After our story hour I provide links to all kinds of activities to further your experience, so be sure to visit the posts afterward.

Every week I hope to provide these activities (for FREE) in one place in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, with the writing activity, suggested literature, and any resources or strategies you need to make this learning experience complete. I believe in providing learners with experiences that build their knowledge. As a result, they are excited about learning more and sharing that experience through writing! I hope these resources not only accomplish that for you but bless you during your time at home!

Consider this your personal invitation to RafiKey's to Success Facebook page at 1 PM Central Time. I hope to see you there!

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