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List of Sight Word Practice & Word Play Resources

This post is simply a list of places that offer opportunities for young readers to practice their sight words in a fun way and see the words in literature! That is the ultimate goal, is it not? To provide many opportunities for children to see words in print and to practice them as they play in order to inspire a love for reading words. That's what I believe in doing as a teacher, especially for those early learners. They learn through play and it is important to provide those opportunities throughout their day.

*The star indicates my children's personal favorites and resources that have found success with my tutoring clients. The rest I found recently and cannot wait to add to my pile of sight word resources! (Because I found that one little person I tutored did not like the "Teacher Your Monster to Read" app or the "Bob Books" I had stockpiled, so I had to think of something else - hence, the "BANG!" game - and find other materials. This just goes back to the fact that there is not a one-size-fits-all reading program because we are all unique individuals with different likes, dislikes, interests, and experiences. The goal is to know my student and provide opportunities that inspire them! I hope this list allows you to do the same.)




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