How to Interest Even the Youngest Reader

My little Ele, from the time she was mobile (she was walking by ten months) never wanted to sit still long enough to read a book. She didn't even care to sit still for a movie, whereas her sister would close-out the world around her if she could just stare at a screen. Brielle would sit with me for hours to read book after book after book, but Ele was as opposite as they come. Working with reluctant readers taught me not to push her. Knowing that if I made her sit with Brielle and I while we read would only make it worse, so I set my mind to interest her in books.

Make Reading Time Intriguing

The key to any reluctant reader is grabbing their attention. I do this differently (obviously) with a reluctant junior high reader versus an eighteen-month-old, but the concept is still the same. Make that book so intriguing that it piques their curiosity enough that they cannot resist coming over and being a part of the fun. Ele loved to laugh and play and tickle and be silly. If I could find a book that encouraged her favorite things I knew I had her hooked. I'd always invite both the girls to read with me and once Brielle and I were laughing, playing peek-a-boo, singing a song, whatever it was she'd always peek over my shoulder and would eventually join Brielle on my lap. My encouragement here is to not be afraid to be silly, to sing, to laugh at yourself. Little people love it!

That is still true today. Ele will fight whatever is planned until I have an activity laid out that intrigues her, Brielle, on the other hand, dives right in.

Find Quality Literature and Fill Their Shelf with Their Favorites

Here are some of our favorite books that Brielle and I had so much fun with, but grabbed Ele's attention well enough that SHE asked me to read it to her! As a result, they are staple books that are well-loved and enjoyed over and over again.

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