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How can I best support you during this time of unrest?

I was speaking to one of my dearest teacher friends forced home due to the Coronavirus scare that we are currently facing as a world. She joked that she is going to go nuts being shut-in like this! YES! Aren't we all? We are used to visiting our local YMCA two to three times per week, attending a community potluck and Bible study with our church group once a week, library day, and church every Sunday. Life as we know it will continue within the four walls of our home. That mom-job just got more complicated as we try to juggle stir-crazy children who still need to continue their education while also maintaining our own sanity!

How do we do that?

I truly believe that it involves two things:

  1. Time in Scripture. The more that we learn about who God is according to what He said about Himself, the things and events of this world will matter less as we meditate on His goodness, His steadfast love, His sovereignty, and His faithfulness. The more we trust in God the less we have to worry about a silent enemy beyond our control. That truly begins with daily time reading God's word, including time spent reading it with your children.

  2. Online Support. Even during times of isolation God has given us a pretty cool avenue to continue to support one another. Thankfully what I do is all online. If you're a mom suddenly thrown into the world of homeschooling and need support please know I'm here to help! Simply contact me and we can chat for FREE!

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