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Children NEED to Play!

I have a friend who is an expert in early childhood. We have had many conversations centered around the fact that children need to play in order to grow.

Play requires risk.

Play requires creativity.

Play requires problem-solving skills.

Play allows a learner to see and do.

Learners need independent play as much as they need to play with others.

Learners need guided opportunities to play as much as they need free play.

Learners need to play in reading practice as much as math practice.

Learners need to play through experimenting, creating, building, and solving problems.

There is so much to learn about the value of play. This is why I asked Jessica Orpin - an expert in this field to present her workshop on "play" to us. She was asked to present it to administrators! If it's that good, I want in on those strategies, facts, and learning opportunities.

After eight years of classroom experience with a variety of students who all came to appreciate her unique classroom design...

and parents who praised their child's classroom experience...

and an Educational Service Unit who still asks her to come and present her knowledge to educators across the state...

and administrators who are asked to take her information seriously to change the outcome of education in their school district...

I do not have a choice but to listen.

If you're interested in this workshop here is the information on it:

What: Learning through Play

Who: by Jessica Orpin

When: June 29 @11 AM CST

Where: Zoom

How much?

If you have any questions, contact me at

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