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Be a "Word Collector"

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

When I created a grammar unit to establish a solid grammar foundation for my little grammarian, I included a section in the student workbook for grammarians to collect words. You don't need my grammar unit to accomplish this. It can easily be done without it using whatever resources you have on hand (i.e. a piece of paper or a notebook and a writing utensil). Here is how I began this with my little person:


  • Small, blank page book from Target (I find them in the dollar section every once in a while. When I do I grab a pack.)

  • Stickers with a variety of words.


  1. Designate pages for nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs by labeling appropriately.

  2. Go through a pile of stickers to sort them according to their part of speech. This part was a lot of fun for me because some words could've been placed in multiple places (i.e. love could be an action or an idea or a thing, etc.) and talking about where to put it and why really opened up a lot of awesome conversation about that word and how she wanted to use it or where she wanted to put it. Most of the time she put the sticker in one place and would write it in the others. Remember that this notebook is their own so the point is to let them make it their own.

  3. Have fun putting the stickers in their place as you talk about each word.

Literature Suggestions to boost this idea:

Also, I have my own word collector book for the same reasons and doing this alongside my little person has increased my own vocabulary! With millions of words, it only makes sense that vocabulary collecting and building is a lifetime pursuit!

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