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A Simple Idea on How Parents can Challenge their Advanced Learner from Home at School

I had an awesome conversation with an elementary teacher about advanced learners and how we as parents can challenge them from home at school. I hope the last part of that statement and title made sense, "from home at school" because parents can have an amazing role in their child's education from home even if they send them to a public school. How do we do that?

First, coordinate with your student's teacher. Work together so that the teacher isn't overwhelmed and having to come up with ideas all on their own, but also allows you to have a part to play. You also want to ensure that the conversations you have with the teacher (I'm going to give examples) do not contradict the teacher in any way. You want to be on the same page!

Three simple conversations you can have with your child:

"If your teacher asks you to write a sentence about your favorite place to read, I want you to write a paragraph."

"If you finish your work early, read this book that relates to the topic you're learning about in history."

  • i.e. If they are learning American History pertaining to Christopher Columbus, go to the library and find nonfiction literature that your child can read on their own time about history.

  • That requires that you know what subjects your child is learning.

  • Again, this requires a conversation with their teacher.

"After you finish that book, prepare a presentation for the benefit of your classmates so they can learn about it too!"

  • Let them choose: picture book summary, video creation, PowerPoint, poster, etc.

  • Again, that requires that you know what subjects your child is learning.

  • Again, this requires coordination with their teacher.


The exciting thing about this is that I've asked an expert to chat with us about this very important topic. Summer is the PERFECT time to challenge those advanced learners of ours and I wanted to take advantage of this time and grow as a mom and an educator.

I've asked Chere Beavers, an expert in the field of Gifted Education to share her workshop titled, "Strategies to Engage the Advanced Learner" and I am so excited to attend. She has thirty-one years of experience and she holds a Masters of Education degree in Gifted Education. Her knowledge is invaluable.

Title: "Strategies to Engage the Advanced Learner"

When: June 30 @11 AM CST

Where: Zoom

How much?

If you have any questions, email me at

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