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5 Tips to Prevent Summer Reading Loss

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

It is a fact that there is an academic summer loss. Unless parents are diligent about maintaining certain skills, your child will most likely forget some of what was taught. What you can do is pretty easy, it simply takes some prep time and the time to follow through with them, but for the sake of your child's learning, it is well worth it. Here are some tips in regards to reading over the summer:

1. Read more. There really is only one "secret" strategy in existence to increase reading abilities and this is it. Every book I've read, every reading class I've taken, this one piece always rears it's ugly head: How do we make more time to read? What you do need to make sure when implementing this strategy is that whatever they're reading is not so far above their reading level that their struggle overwhelms them. I stick to the hand rule: if there are five or more words on one page that they do not know, it's most likely too difficult.

2. Participate in summer reading programs. Places like Barnes and Noble, Chuck E. Cheese (they give tokens for reading books), Sylvan, Reading Warehouse, Scholastic, and your local library have programs through the summer that encourage reading. Or sign up for the reading program I'm offering on LIVE on my Facebook page beginning in July.

3. Build their "bedroom library" with new books. Studies have proven that providing a child with their own books in their own bedroom increases reading as much or more than summer school. Build your child's library with two or three new books for them to read over the summer (and make sure you pick something that would interest them and within their level).

4. Make reading memorable. Here's an idea: plan a reading picnic where you gather their favorite drink and snacks, some books, a blanket, find a beautiful spot and your plan is to simply read together for an hour. For more ideas, subscribe to my email list. The first Monday of every month I give away something to my email subscribers, in June I'm giving away a reading brochure full of ideas

5. Reward reading with reading. There are many interesting studies out there that reveal if you have a specific goal in mind, then reward your students with prizes that enable him/her to reach that goal. The statistics show that doing a reward system this way is far more successful than a box full of toys or candy. In other words, if your end goal is to encourage your student to read, then reward them with something that will help them read more. Example: Earn a magazine subscription (i.e. National Geographic offers wonderful magazine's for kids), because getting things in the mail is so fun. Or go out with your child one-on-one (cause you know they need it), go out to eat or grab an ice cream and head to a book store and let them pick a book of choice.

I believe that parents are the key to a students success. What you do at home matters in the classroom. I hope these simple, effective, and proven tips help your reader grow.


More about the summer reading program I'm offering on my Facebook page:

It is a FREE reading program designed to hit those early elementary years. Here's what I'll offer: 

  • 4 FREE themed FACEBOOK LIVE reading "events" on my Facebook page specifically designed to give comprehension tools.

  • Offered on:July 1, 8, 15, & 22 (Follow the event on my Facebook page for more details.)

  • Supplementary materials, readily available for download that coincide with that lesson.

  • Entered into a giveaway for your child by signing up (a goodie box full of reading material based on the information you gave me on the registration form). 

  • BONUS: Multiple entries for every friend you tag on my Instagram or Facebook page.The registration form is available by clicking on this link

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