Educational Consultant Services for Parents

As your Educational Consultant:

  • I will work alongside you to come up with the best assessment, curriculum, and instructional practices that best fit your needs.

  • You will have access to me through email, text, or phone calls with any questions that arise through your day. 

  • I will help you solve any instructional needs or student problems as they arise.

  • You could also think of me as your curriculum "advisor" who helps you determine what works best for your family's specific and unique needs.

I believe parents are a student's greatest resource, motivator, and support system. My goal is to equip parents in the field of education, to come alongside them as they create lifelong learners. If this interests you, contact me to set up a free consultation. If what we talk about fits your specific and unique needs, let's go over your options.


"Parents are the best teachers for their children. Every family and situation is unique, therefore it is my job to come alongside you as an expert in the field of education to offer support, tips, tools, and assistance when needed." 

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Let's Chat!

  • Contact Me with any question about your homeschool curriculum and instruction needs!

  • Contact Me with any question about how to help your student become a successful lifelong learner.

Once you send me a message about your specific needs or questions, I will contact you to set up a consultation where we can discuss how I can help you!


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