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Are you at a loss with your struggling reader or writer, or your high ability learner?

Let's discuss your specific situation in regards to reading and writing and see how I can help. 

7 Ways I Can Help

I can help struggling readers with their struggle.


I can help parents with unmotivated readers and writers.


I can help with curriculum, instruction, assessment, and individualized plans of action. 


I can give all readers and writers tools they need to be successful learners in any subject.


I can challenge high ability learners in reading and writing.


I can help with phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension instruction.


I can help with specialty and basic writing skills.


Rebecca Lowery, M.Ed.

Why me?

How would you describe your student?

Homeschool Services & Resources

I can help you with curriculum and instruction.

I have written curriculum, edited curriculum, and studied curriculum. My master's studies gave me insight into how learners learn and then how to write lessons, plan the best instructional methods, assess to determine what a student knows or does not know and then take that data to write a personalized plan to meet that students unique needs. If you have a curriculum or instructional method questions, I can help you.


I can write your curriculum.

Struggling to find a curriculum that meets your needs? I can create a personalized curriculum for your unique students. Contact me if you're interested in a one-of-a-kind educational program designed with unique lessons, activities, and assessments based on your students particular interests.

"I offer expert, personalized support in curriculum & instruction & reading and writing." 

- Rebecca Lowery, M.Ed. 

Parents are a child's greatest educational asset.

How can I best help you educate life-long learners?

Contact me for a FREE consultation where our discussion will determine what is needed and how to best meet your specific curriculum, instruction, reading or writing needs.

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