Tutoring Services

"Giving you the keys to literacy and learning success."

How to get started: 

Set up a FREE consultation.


  • Question and Answer session. 

  • Decide if we are a good fit.

  • Discuss options.

For Your Personalized Plan

I will create a personalized plan.


  • Go over the contract.

  • Set up a payment plan if needed.

  • I will create an educational plan for you and your student that fits your specific and unique reading and writing needs.



  • You will either have:

    • a plan in place where you are given the tools to help your student succeed.

    • 20 weeks of one-on-one reading and writing tutoring with me that best meets the needs of the student; where your student will receive the tools needed to be a successful reader and writer.


— Mandy Knowles,  Homeschool Mother of 3

"It is impossible to put into words the impact Becky has made to my children's education. Whether it's guiding my new reader, helping me find books, or making personalized work, her skills and knowledge are invaluable. I know with her help my students will flourish in school and life.

7 Ways I Can Help

I can help struggling readers with their struggle.


I can help parents with unmotivated readers and writers.


I can help with curriculum, instruction, assessment, and individualized plans of action. 


I can give all readers and writers tools they need to be successful learners in any subject.


I can challenge high ability learners in reading and writing.


I can help with phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension instruction.


I can help with specialty and basic writing skills.


Parents are a child's greatest educational asset.

How can I best help you educate life-long learners?

Contact me for a FREE consultation where our discussion will determine what is needed and how to best meet your specific curriculum, instruction, reading or writing needs.

Don't forget to visit my Educational Consultant Services to see what is available to you there.

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