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Educational Consultant Services

"Giving you the keys to literacy and learning success."

As your Educational Consultant:

  • I will work alongside you to come up with the best assessment, curriculum, and instructional practices that best fit your needs.

  • You will have access to me through email, text, or phone calls with any questions that arise through your day. 

  • I will help you solve any instructional needs or student problems as they arise.

  • You could also think of me as your curriculum "advisor" who helps you determine what works best for your family's specific and unique needs.

  • Personalized Products  & Workshops

I believe parents are a student's greatest resource, motivator, and support system. My goal is to equip parents in the field of education, to come alongside them as they create lifelong learners. If this interests you, contact me to set up a free consultation. If what we talk about fits your specific and unique needs, let's go over your options.

  • 1 Product Per month pertaining to the topic of the month.

  • 1 Facebook LIVE Workshop

  • Personalized Literacy Package giving you tools to use for your unique, individual learner(s).

  • 1 scheduled Personal consultation

  • A community of other individuals who value literacy.

  • Curriculum & Instruction expert 

  • 15% discount on all products in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

If You're Interested in Individual Services:

How to Become a VIP Client:

Copy of Book 2.PNG
Copy of Book 3.PNG
Set up a FREE consultation.
  • Question and Answer session. 

  • Decide if we are a good fit.

  • Discuss options.

For Your Personalized Plan

I will create a personalized plan.
  • Go over the contract outlining the following services available to you:

    • Help you assess your student every semester resulting in:

      • Identifying goals

      • Creating a personalized plan for you to help your studen

  • Package includes one personal training session per quarter (4 sessions)

    • Additional $35/session for extra sessions

  • Email or text consultation anytime (My response time within 24 hours of receiving.)

  • FREE access to products offered on TeachersPayTeachers

  • 4 FREE personalized lessons or activities based on what your child needs. 

  • Set up a payment plan if needed.

  • I will create an educational plan for you and your students (up to 3) that fits your specific and unique educational needs.


— Mandy Knowles,  Homeschool Mother of 3

"It is impossible to put into words the impact Becky has made to my children's education. Whether it's guiding my new reader, helping me find books, or making personalized work, her skills and knowledge are invaluable. I know with her help my students will flourish in school and life."


"Parents are the best teachers for their children. Every family and situation is unique, therefore it is my job to come alongside you as an expert in the field of education to offer support, tips, tools, and assistance when needed." 


Join the "RafiKey's to Homeschool Success" Facebook Group that exists to offer support and encouragement to homeschool mothers.

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  • You will have:

    • a plan in place where you are given the tools to help your students succeed.

    • access to me as your educational consultant - an email, text, or phone call away.

7 Ways I Can Help


I can help educators gain confidence.


I can help parents with unmotivated readers and writers.


I can help with curriculum, instruction, assessment, and individualized plans of action. 


I can help you assess your student and analyze the data.


I can evaluate your curriculum to determine what is working and what isn't.


I will answer your questions. If not right away, I will do the research needed to point you down the right path.


I can help you define an end goal and put a plan in place to reach it.

Just ask how I can help you find success with curriculum, instruction, learning & literacy.

Parents are a child's greatest educational asset.

How can I best help you educate life-long learners?

Contact me for a FREE consultation where our discussion will determine what is needed and how to best meet your specific curriculum, instruction, reading or writing needs.

Don't forget to visit my Curriculum Resources to see what is available to you there.



Learning through Play

by Jessica Orpin

June 29, 11 AM - Zoom

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