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I am a passionate teacher dedicated to giving students, teachers & parents the keys to literacy & learning success. 

Why contact me?

Because my end goal as an educator is to create life-long learners and I can give you the keys to successful reading and writing with a personalized plan. If you can read and write successfully, you can learn anything.

Invest in literacy.

7 Ways I Can Help

With Literacy & Learning!


I can help struggling readers with their struggle.


I can help unmotivated readers and writers.


I can help with curriculum, instruction, assessment, & individualized plans of action. 


I can give all readers and writers tools they need to be successful learners in any subject.


I can challenge high ability learners in reading and writing.


I can help with phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension instruction.


I can help with specialty and basic writing skills.

Just ask how I can help you find success with learning & literacy.

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